Tuesday, August 25, 2009

REfrigerator update

So now the fridge is totally dead. The light comes on, but there's no cold. Had to bring in coolers for the refrigerated goods. niiiiice... We didn't have much in there that would be a tragedy if it spoiled, although there is a few ounces of breast milk and I have to pump tonight. I'll just have to put them out in the freezer first thing in the morning. The new fridge isn't due to be delivered until Monday so Jack is trying to get someone to pick it up tomorrow.

Finished 1/3 of my performance reviews this morning. They need to be finished by Friday. Still have about forty pages to read before class Thursday night. Still have my final from last semester to finish. Still have my final intern evaluation to finish. Lots to do. Shame is, I'll have more of an opportunity to get them dne once I go back to work! LOL

So try to get all this busy work finished tomorrow and hope that we have a new fridge. I kept kind of wishing that I didn't have to wait until Monday for the new fridge, but I didn't want to get it early this way!

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