Tuesday, August 25, 2009

New Refrigerator!!!

We are replacing the refrigerator! I must be getting old of I'm excited about a new appliance! Am I excited about a new bill? Not really. I wish it could be fixed, but yay new refrigerator!!

seven days left until I go back to work now. The next two days I can get some things done around here, then Friday I got to Macon for a filling and Monday I'll probably take Nell for a little while to daycare since we're paying for that week anyways and the refrigerator will be delivered then to. Then Tuesday it's back to work!

Am I excited to go back to work? That's complicated. I'm ready to be back in a set routine, but I don't want to leave Nell. I will miss this time I've had with her and it's time you can never get back. Do I think I would want to be a SAHM? No way. It's so much work and I don't do well with self-imposed routines. I need someone to tell me when to who up and what to do. So I'm ready to go back. I think that Jay has thrived at daycare and has made good friends and has been good for him so I'm not worried there at all. In fact I'm less nervous about it this time around. When Jay started daycare I was so worried that they would do things "right." I worried that he would miss me. Not that he didn't, but he was truly happy there too. And well taken care of too.

This last week I won't feel put out when it's time to sit down and spend the time nursing, I will enjoy getting to talk with her over her diaper changes, and I will cuddle her a little longer...

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