Wednesday, August 26, 2009

New fridge!!

Woohoo!!! It came and it's lovely, but they told us not to put anything in it for 24 hour? We've put a few things in there and I think I'll wait for tomorrow morning, but I need to get the coolers emptied out! And by the way, another unsolicited endorsement for Sears. They had scheduled the delivery for Monday, but I called this morning and asked if there was any way to get it today and explained that our fridge had died and they were able to work us in. I was really impressed with their customer service. Jack said they didn't want to lose a delivery charge, but I don't care. We got the fridge.

Tomorrow is my last day that I don't have anything really planned before I go back to work. Still have my little work and school stuff, but nowhere to be. Just hanging out with Nell. Then class tomorrow night. I still haven't finished all my reading, but I've done about half of it. It's just sooo much!

Hoping for a good night's sleep tonight!

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