Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Lond night...again

So CIO didn't work last night. She started making noise around 3:30 and I was able to get her to settle down with her paci. About 4:00 she started crying. At 4:30 I gave in and nursed and she went right back to sleep and I was exhausted! Didn't get back up myself until almost 7:00!

Today I'm going to try to go walk with Julia, I need to arrange to get the fridge this afternoon. Need to clean out the fridge since there's stuff in there that I didn't care if we threw away. Also need to get a bag of ice for the coolers that have all our fridge stuff in them.

Soooo tired today.

Also need to work on my papers and stuff that need to be done ASAP. Need to vacuum the house too. Floors looking terrible. Think we're cooking for Mom and Johnny tonight too. Lots to do...lots to do...

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