Monday, August 24, 2009

New blog, new crazy influx of posts

I met Julia for our usual walk at the greenway and then hit up CVS for diapers. When I came back out tot he parking lot I noticed a familiar face in the SUV next to my van. It was Joe, my former coworker who retired about four years ago. He and I worked together on Powell 3 West and were almost inseperable at work. We did most of our groups together and spent a lot of time during work hours together other than groups. When he retired he made all the regular promises that he would actually stay in touch and we would all see each other again. He never made true on that. I have only seen him maybe twice in the last year. Once at Christmas when he came out to do a volunteer thing and once I ran into him and his wife at Huddle House. It was good to see him and catch up and he got to see Nell. It has always made me a little sad since I kind of looked to him as a mentor when we worked together. Stuff happens I guess.

Later taters!

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