Sunday, September 20, 2009

Who said tomorrow's Monday?

This has been such a wild weekend. I don't feel like I ever really rested. Well, there was this one time Saturday afternoon when Nell was asleep in her bouncy seat and I laid on the loveseat with Jay's head at the other end and him lying on my legs. We slept that way for about thirty minutes. I had rounds this week, so I had to go walk the building yesterday and today. That was just peachy. The library fair (yay books!) was yesterday. I always love this. Mom came with us this year and I couldn't have made it without her! There were so many people and Jay was wild, plus Nell and then two bags of books. It was crazy, but fun. Got some good books. Jay had a blast. Replaced the tires and tubes on the bike. Now to figure out how to remove the chain so I can replace it. It's so rusted and the chain tool isn't working. Hoping to get it figured out soon...

Tomorrow is Jack's birthday. One more year until the big 4-0. I made an ice cream cake for him today. It didn't turn out just like I'd want. I forgot to put some layers of caramel between the cake and ice cream, then the "icing" was too runny. But I'm sure it'll taste great. Who doesn't like ice cream and cake? Maybe some pictures of the big mess tomorrow.

Last week saw the arrival of my newest niece Lucy. Whitney and Cole are parents. Even though they're Auburn fans, we still love little Lucy and can't wait to meet her this Thanksgiving.

I wanted to upload some pics of my kids, but blogger is being testy and I'm too tired. So pics tomorrow.

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