Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Rookie Mom Mistakes

This morning I made them! You'd think I hadn't done this before. First of all, Nell spits up...a bunch and misses the burp cloth with some so I ave to change shirts before I can even get out of the door! Then I walk in to daycare and raelize that I forgot bottles! Anything else they could have made do, but you can't forget the bottles! So I rush back home and get the bottles out of the fridge and run back to daycare. The sweet girl in the room met me outside and took them so I didn't have to go back in again.

Today we're having a Garden Therapy program at the chapel. I'm in charge of making 40 pens with flowers on them...forty of them. I'm just over halfway there, but with having the holiday yesterday it threw me off and I thought I had another day. Luckily Lisa found some left over from our Flower and Art show so I have those if I need them.

They're super simple to make. I'll add pics later, but you need a stick pen (the kind with the caps), floral tape and artificial flowers. I've found that the mum types work best. You take a piece of the floral tape and cut it in half lengthwise. Wrap this around the end of the pen. Then take the flower off of the stem and remove the plastic middle part. Stick the writing end of the pen through the hole in the flower and push the flower down to the end right against your tape. Do it this way instead of cutting it so it will be a snug fit. Then take your floral tape and wrap it starting at the end of the pen all the way up to the flower. They turn out really cute and are fun for flower themed party favors or just for fun. I've seen them in stores and they usually cost $5-$10. Mine cost less than $5 to make a bunch. the flowers I buy at the dollar store so a bunch is $1. The floral tape you can sometimes find there too, but it's never more than $3 and the pens you can buy the cheap kind that come 20 to a bag for a couple of dollars too.

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