Friday, September 11, 2009

Circle of Life

Reminders everywhere today of this. This morning we doscovered that a little possum had entered Georgia's territory. He don't move no more.... Just now taking something to our storage room in the back of the building I happened on a spider with something in her web. Just stood and watched as she dispatched him and began draggin him to another part of her web. Life is short...shorter for some bugs and possums today.

Also tonight is the Indigo Girls playing in Macon. I first heard them playing at the Victorian Village in Macon when I was fifteen. I remember that concert and may even still have the shirt somewhere in the attic. Tonigh they're playing the Douglass Theater in Macon. I had thought about trying to go, but just couldn't think of how to arrange it with two kids and one being more needy these days. And who to go with. All those other questions. The concert sold out a week or so ago so I didn't have tot hink about it too much. But this morning I closed my office door for a little guitar game and my favorite way to play is to take my songbook and just randomly open it to a page and play that song. Yeah, about 75% of them have turned to an Indigo Girls song. Thanks universe for reminding me that I'm not going to that concert tomorrow!

I'm having a dilemma right now of how to spend Halloween. A group that I love to play music with is playing at a Fall Festival that night. they aren't expecting me since I usually take kids trick or treating that night. Usually I do this myself and Jack stay home and hands out candy. The past couple of years we've had less and less trick or treaters and I usually just drive Jay to a few friends' houses and go downtown where most of the businesses give out candy too. But I'm also thinking of just taking the whole family to the Fall Festival so I get to play music and they can just dress up for that. Not sure, need to give it more thought.

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