Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Snowball Effect

When you start your morning out right on time or just a few minutes late things have a way of snowballing. I guess I just have to be resigned to the fact that about once a week I'm going to have a rough morning. That's been the pattern since I came back to work. They can't all be smooth. This morning as soon as I get to daycare Nell spits up all over my shirt. I get the kids in and think that maybe it will dry and not be noticable. By the time I get to the building, it's still noticeable. So I head on home and have to bypass a wreck to get there. Run in and change the shirt, then whack my head getting back into the car. On top of all this, my eczema which has been a mild inconvenience the past few days decided to come on out this morning to so I'm having issues relating to that as well. Come on Tuesday, what else have you got!?!?

If you need me I'll be hiding under my desk.....

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