Friday, April 2, 2010

Jelly Bean Brittle

So how many of you noticed that I posted something the last two Mondays, then this week didn't? I promise I'm trying to post every week, but we got hit hard by the stomach virus last week. Nell came down with it Sunday night, then Jack and I proceeded to get it Monday night. We carted Jay off to Gigi and Papa's to try and spare him, but Wednesday afternoon he came down with a very mild case of it too! All in all, I spent four days at home last week. My boss accused me of just wanting to lay out of work, but I would have found something way more fun to do if that was the case! In the midst of all this, we discovered that Nell still had the UTI that was diagnosed the beginning of March! So she was put on a new antibiotic for that as well. So fun times in the Taylor household! Hence not having the time/brain meats to put together a decent post.

So here is one for Easter and it's a quick easy treat that you can throw together for someone's Easter basket. Often I make a seasonal treat, but it's right before the holiday so I take pictures and mentally think that I'm going to post them next year in time for people to make it, but this treat you can literally have in about an hour, and most of that is letting the candy "set up." It take all of five minutes to make and uses simple ingredients.

1 package of white bark candy coating
1 bag of jelly beans

Melt the candy coating according to package directions (I use the microwave directions and this stuff is melted in about three minutes). While that is melting, line a cookie sheet (the kind with an edge, not just a flat baking sheet) with a piece of wax paper. Pour the melted candy coatin onto the cookie sheet and sprinkle the jelly beans over it.

Like this
And really close up...
Then just break up into pieces and put into bags for gifts or in a basket to serve or just eat the whole thing and chase with a bottle of pepto-bismol!
Once again, this recipe came from an old issue of Simple and Delicious!

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