Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sandy Paws…

We interrupt your regular blog for a special report from St. George Island

This week Jack and I took out first trip without children since Jay was born! We’re so lucky to have parents who were willing to put their lives on hold for a few days and spend time with their grandchildren.We’re also extremely thankful to Kim and Zeb Bost for the use of their house here. We arrived on Wednesday to some windy weather, but by Thursday morning the ocean was smooth and the sun was ou. We had two grea days on the beach, then went to Appalachicola on Saturday. If you’ve never been there, you really should go. Our favorite restaurant is there Boss Oyster’s. We had two and a half dozen oysters between us. Then did a little shopping and I hit my favorite yarn store here for a skein of yarn that I’ll make something for Nell out of. Last time we were here I purchased some yarn that I’m’ making some wrist warmers out of. They’re almost done so it’s time for something new. But that’s all for another post. We’ve read, watched movies (thanks Shana for the first season of True Blood), napped and I knitted. This morning about 6:00 the storm hit and we had rain, thunder, lightening and hail! Then had lunch at another great restaurant here Harry A’s and went for a nice walk in the late afternoon. Other than that, I’ve been working on a Quantitative project, but it’s not so bad when this is the view.
On the way here we found this at one of our favorite stopping places, Stripling’s. It claims to be kosher and safe for vegetarians! It’s really not half bad on a sandwich.
We also climbed the light house!
92 steps, 12 ladder rungs and squeeze yourself through a 2 1/2 foot hole! And there we were…
What a view!
Tomorrow we leave here and while it’s back to reality, I’m really anxious to hold my babies, although I think they’re really having a better time being spoiled by grandparents! Time for a little retraining!
Tomorrow is my regular Monday posting so check in there for that! I made sloppy joes!!!

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  1. So glad you had this opportunity for a much needed vacation. I saw Nell at Joan's. Such a cute baby girl.