Monday, April 12, 2010

The long and short of making Baby Food

The main reason I hear people use for not making their own baby food is that it takes too much time, they don’t have time, too time consuming, etc. But there are several shortcuts one can use to make it quickly. I generally like to get two or three meals going at once. Get everything on the stove and cooking and the process each one, washing out the processor by hand in between. This afternoon I made three dishes in under an hour. From the book “Blender Baby Food” by Nicole Young. Unfortunately the camera was outside and me being focused I just worked on through.

My first step was to peel and slice the apples and start them cooking in a bit of apple juice. As those simmered, I started a pot of oatmeal. Once I started the water for that, it was time to cook some corn in butter. While everything cooked, I sliced peaches and then added the oatmeal to the water. I blended the oatmeal with the peaches and bananas, then cleaned the processor. By this time the corn was ready so I put it in the processor with some sour cream. Processed that and washed again. Now my apples were tender and could be added to the processor with some ricotta cheese, cinnamon, nutmeg and ginger. Three meals finished in an hour and everything washed and put in the dishwasher. That’s enough food to last through the week.

So before you think you don’t have the time, multitasking can be your friend.

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