Monday, August 16, 2010

This child is four

You know, I'm not normally one of those sappy moms, but going through these pictures from the last year make me a little teary. It's so hard to believe this boy is four! He's really growing up.

This year he made a new BFF in his little sister Nell.

We went to Alabama a couple of times.

To the beach once.
To the zoo with his girlfriends.

He learned to read music notes and say the rhythms.

He discovered the Black Eyed Peas (really, it couldn't have been something I don't mind listening to every car trip).

He learned to swim, he stayed away from his mother for five nights (harder on me than him) when he made his first solo visit to Alabama.

He climbed trees, jumped off the arms of our sofa and currently adheres to a hot dog and cereal diet.

This boy is our “miracle.” We were told we probably would never get pregnant without some type of medical intervention and we never gave up. Over two years we tried before finding out we were finally pregnant. He gave us quite a time getting here. Several times his heart rate would drop and I would got to Labor & Delivery to be told that everything was fine.

He arrived August 16, 2006

And today he turns four.

Happy Birthday sweet boy!!!!

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