Monday, August 9, 2010

Sisters are forever!

So here goes. Yesterday I realized that it had been almost three months since I wrote in my blog. Three months? Really? I used to post each week, then once a month, then… And it’s not like I took a class all summer. I even procrastinated on my papers for my Maymester class until a couple of weeks ago! But I have thought about updating. I’ve taken pictures for recipes and thought about things my kids did and lots of other things. So here goes. Again, no promises. I just want to try to get back on track.


Laurian, Heidi, Danielle, Me

This weekend we were visited by some of my oldest friends. We were all Sigma Alpha Iota sisters in the mid 90’s at Georgia College (that’s right, we didn’t have the ampersand back then). We were silly girls together back then and we’re still silly now!

IMG_4860 Of course now we have kids!

IMG_4868 As I watched my child play with the children of some of my oldest friends it just made me smile. Who would have thought all those years ago that we would sit in my living room in Milledgeville and watch our kids rolling around on the floor together! It just filled me with happy.

IMG_4895 Y’all come back soon because I can’t bear to not have you in my life again!


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  1. Friends are among the most precious of commodities.