Thursday, August 19, 2010

Cake Balls!!!!

So I’ve gotten a lot of questions lately on Facebook about cake balls. These are yummy little bits of goodness dipped in chocolate and rolled in sin! I actually can’t take much of the credit here as I discovered these through Bakerella. If you haven’t seen her site before, go now, really. Things will make more sense if you do. Then come back. I’ll still be here. I love her site and everything she does. For Valentine’s I always make her red velvet sandwich cookies. Her recipes range from very technical to so so simple. And she introduced me to cake balls. These little things are so yummy, and are a hit everywhere I take them. You can do them to.
Simply bake a cake. Just a boxed mix is great for this. Follow the directions on the box. I bake mine in just a glass casserole sized pan. You're just going to crumble it up so the shape of the cake doesn't matter at all.
Next, crumble it up (I use a food processor) and mix with a tub of frosting (I like cream cheese frosting. Gives it a great taste.IMG_4936Then roll into balls. This time around I used a white cake mix and then tinted it blue and green with gel colors. Put these in the fridge for a while to firm up. It works even better if you pop them in the freezerIMG_4965Melt some candy coating, I’ve used white and milk chocolate flavor. Then dip the ball into the candy. Put on wax or parchment paper and pop back into the fridge. I usually do a few balls at a time. Put a few in the freezer, then dip a few, then into the fridge. It helps to do them in batches because once the cake balls start to thaw, they are harder to dip.IMG_4967It’s a little army of cake balls!!IMG_4973
I apologize in advance, because you will dream about these things. when they’re in the fridge they will call out to you in a tiny voice in the night to be eaten. You will eat one, then have to turn right back around and eat another one. They’re eeeevil that way.IMG_4972
But look how cute they turned out with the green innards! I’ve also made chocolate with cream cheese frosting and white candy coating. You can try all kinds of combination. I’ve actually started just keeping cake craps in the fridge (leftover cake, cake from where I’ve leveled the top of the cake) so that I’m ready to make these whenever I need them.IMG_4970  

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