Sunday, May 2, 2010

What a weekend!

It was quite an exciting weekend here in Milledgeville. We started out the weekend with Jay being sick. Luckily for us he's a tough kid and after a rough night, we had no more reversals and were ready to head full force into the weekend.

We started out with Relay for Life. IMG_3069

Jack and I have both been involved for the past few years with this program. This year I took both kids out with the intention of staying a few hours and heading on home. At 1:00AM we left South Creek with two sleeping kids.


Nell couldn't have been a better trooper. She actually knocked out about 10:00 in her pack and play. Jay stopped moving when Field Whipple took the stage and fell asleep in my lap.


It's a much different experience than when he was a baby and would fall asleep in my lap, but a sweet moment. Jack's team raised over $3,000 towards the American Cancer Society. This is the torch that the Cook building purchased in honor of one of our nurses.


Saturday started the alumni jazz band extravaganza.


I played with the Georgia College and State University concert band back in the day under the direction of Todd Shiver. Over the years we have formed a good friendship. He is leaving Milledgeville for the west coast and a position in Washington state. IMG_3195

It was a bittersweet moment to join my fellow alums on stage to honor him. The alumni all played so well. It was a great show.

Afterward we joined some folks on the town for my first night out downtown in something like four years! Nothing makes you feel older than hanging out with a bunch of college students!


Laurian, Danielle and I sat at the bar and pretended we were cool again, let me tell you, it doesn't work. We realized that college bars are for college students and college boys don't seem to shave or know what a comb is these days. At about 1:00AM (notice a pattern here) I left. It was too much with the smoke and all the people and the loudness and...oh yeah, I'm old. I actually took a shower when I got home to wash off the stench of cigarettes and misspent youth.

Sunday morning the kids were up and at 'em early! Too early for this party girl! But we got up and eventually met Laurie and Danielle for breakfast where we discussed the fact that we would have had way more fun the night before had we gone for coffee and dessert rather than hitting the bar scene!

The rest of the day was spent piddling around the house. I really wanted to take Jay to Gray for the Old Clinton war days, but he wouldn't nap and by the time I was ready to go we would have missed the reenactmant so we stayed home. I worked a little in the garden, cleaned out the van...mostly, and just hung out around the house. One of these days, I'm going to have a restful weekend with nothing to do! LOL

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