Tuesday, October 6, 2009

More work? Yes sir!

I just got called to our current interim division chief head poobah's office. It's never a good feeling. You generally know either you're in trouble, or you're getting another assignment to work on. For me it was the latter. I'm now in charge of putting together a client council and organizing it. In addition to my supervisory duties, in addition to attempting to cover two units, in addition to internship responsibilities, in addition to school, in addition to my family life! All this is just peachy. I aslso like to have my own personal down time. My knitting/TV watching/scrapbooking time. I would like to add a couple of hours on to each day just to sleep if possible please. People ask me all the time how I do it all and it's simple. I just do it. I buckle down and get things done. If I can't get it done right away, it will get done. If I have to extend a deadline here and there it will get done. I just try my best. Do I have a lot on my plate? Hell yes! Would I have it any other way? Of course not! Am I seriously looking forward to my vacation in to weeks? Do I even have to ask that question?

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